The art of re-exist



12th collective exhibition of Boiler Group Vernissage 25 March 2017, 17:00 Françoise Calcagno Art Studio Gallery Campo del Ghetto Novo, 2918 Tues / Wed 10:00 to 14:00 curated by Maura Cominato

Françoise Calcagno Art Studio is pleased to present the 12th collective Boiler Group, located at the spaces of the Gallery, in Campo del Ghetto Novo, which will take place from 25 March to 25 June 2017. Fabrizio Brugnaro Françoise Calcagno, Caterina Codato, Eva Espinosa, Mario Esposito, Caterina Fagan, Hélène Galante, Letizia Ghezzo, Luigino Longega, Irene Manente, Patrizia Milone, Rossella Pavan, Gabriele Perissinotto, Elena Perrone, Renzo Sbolci, Nicole Voicu, Silvia Zamengo Resilience is the ability to resist and react when faced with difficulties and adversities. It is an attitude that every human being naturally takes into place, when he opposes resistance, when he reacts with force. It 'a term that nowadays seems to be more contemporary, due to a changing world in which any basis is being questioned. The idea of this exhibition is an invitation to resist, to persist, in questioning, to innovate, to react. Each artist in the group shows through his work and his passion, that art can be truly resilient, lively and through new ideas, new resolutions, new rebirths. The artist, in the words of Denis Oppenheim 'he is the seismograph of his time', who through his art keeps track of the changes that occur. It acts as well, in a situation of continuous adaptation with the surrounding environment, whose artistic and human determination is linked to a continuous dialogue with the community. Resilience is therefore the ability to accept the situation, without allowing bending or breaking, but reacting positively to a negative perturbation. On the occasion of this new exhibition each artist Boiler group was asked to think about how to put to the community his art to stimulate the public to re-exist. Resilience is continuously adapting and changing to mold itself to the new situation. More generally, it is an invitation to the gallery visitors, to be present and participate. The objective we set ourselves with this exhibition, is a mutual active participation on the part of both, in close contact with each other and part of the same system.

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