Atelier » 10th exhibition of the Boiler Group

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10th exhibition of the Boiler Group



The purpose of this exhibition, curated by Martina Campese and Giulia Ferrari, is a recall to the artists of the Boiler Group to match themselves with the topic of creativity; to think about the idea of creation as a fundamental and primordiale act, which is able to giving life. ! The Plato character of Demiurgo, is the starting point of this meditation. He is the divine artisan who designs the entire world, inspired by the perfect world of Ideas, using the primordial chaotic matter. This sacred demiurgic's function has been related with the sacredness of the artist's creative action. ! As Walter Benjamin wrote, the Work of Art in the age of mechanical reproduction is loosing that thing which he use to call Aura, a kind of halo able to inspire in the soul of the viewer a mystical feelings. That's why has been decided to invite the artists to reflect about the importance of their own creativity power. ! It doesn't matter if their works are a punctual reproduction of the reality or a personal and abstract vision of the world, because it is possible to identify a parallelism between the creation act of Demiurgo and artist. Both of them have the power to create possible and alternative reality. They can make real what instead it is not. ! So the work of art is intended as a result of a personal process by the artist, but at the same time it must be created with the intent of being shown. The viewer in fact completes the artwork, he became part of it.