Atelier » 'Infinite Silence'

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'Infinite Silence'

curated by Francesca Mariotti



'INFINITO SILENZIO PENSIERO' FERRARA - VENICE - MILAN curated by Francesca Mariotti Artisti: ALICE TAMBURINI, GLORIA SCAVO, MARJAN BABAIE NASR, FRANCOISE CALCAGNO, ROSALBA FARINELLI Exhibition under the Project 2017 'INFINITO SILENZIO PENSIERO' which the Studio L'Altrove of Francesca Mariotti of Ferrara is carrying out for 2017 between Ferrara, Milan and Venice, with the participation of contemporary Italian and foreign artists who with their expression articulate the need for sharing and tolerance that is inherent in every civilization. Just doing fine with ourselves and with others we can reach something beautiful and good for everyone! Art elevates souls and makes them communicate in a different and wider dimension, where one sees what everyone shares: the ability to 'vibrate in the soul' ... to have emotions. There are endless barriers and prejudices, coming out of the contingent enters the pregnant, in what is the very basis of the sense of Life, Life itself! This will try to make it known, without any exclusion of ideas, by investigating with the artists the Spirit of Art.