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The origin of the creative act is born above all from the experience of the world and from the dialogue with each other. The artist is generous, speaks about himself, bare and in this talk tells us of the world and allows us to enter and see beyond our limits both inside and outside us. Origin is the beginning of something and this will create something else by triggering actions, words, thoughts. Communication that expands our perspective by expanding our lives beyond the individual. Paintings, multimaterial sculptural works, ranging from nature to technology, and exploring the same theme: origin. Artists:Lamia Bouzouita, Fabrizio Brugnaro, Françoise Calcagno, Mario Esposito, Caterina Fagan, Hélène Galante, Letizia Ghezzo, Luigino Longega, Patrizia Milone, Rossella Pavan, Gabriele Perissinotto, Elena Perrone, Alice Tamburini, Pieraldo Tellaroli, Silvia Zamengo, Stefania Zuanella