Personal exhibition of Françoise Calcagno



On the occasion of the last exhibition in the gallery, I will open my atelier presenting my paintings to the public and friends, but not only ... It is always difficult for me to talk about my work in the first person, but in this case it seems right to do it. With this exhibition closes an important period of my artistic life, 13 years in which I had the great fortune to work and express myself in a precious place, full of stimuli, beauty and history. What was born as a private art studio, has become over the years and beyond my expectations, a public meeting place and exhibition space for other artists who have exhibited their works and compared their research in a constant flow of discussions, readings, ideas and projects. At the same time, the gallery has maintained an intimate, friendly and open-ended dialogue with people, from which a sincere exchange of experiences and emotions was born. This aspect of sharing was perhaps the main stimulus that pushed me to continue, dedicating time and effort, but always enriching my life and my artistic work.

In this exhibition I show a careful selection that traces my research, in a mixture of materials, dimensions and shapes. Starting from the assemblages on wood, passing through the woods with glass, to the canvases of the large color backgrounds, the Map of memory and Venice memory, watercolors and papers, engravings with experimental techniques, to artist's books, to get to the latest works with insertions of my photographs on the colorful canvas. I could say that work before and last work intersect, also united by the affection and gratitude for all those who have supported me so far and for my city of adoption, Venice, which has inspired me from the beginning. It is not a farewell, but a goodbye, to testify to the desire to greet this space to embrace new ones. No longer in one place but in a multitude of places.

The exhibition also wants to be a concrete testimony of social attention: a part of the revenues deriving from the sale of the works will in fact be donated to Emergency.