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Françoise Calcagno’s Landscapes of the soul

When she started visiting the Atelier Aperto, Françoise had just begun her graphic work, but with good scenographic preparation and precise ideas. Young, curious, intelligent and lively, Françoise has made great strides since then, so much so that today we can watch with interest her incisions. We can recognise an intense force in the work of the young artist. Her expressive world seems to have found an optimal dimension in the language of incisions, especially with wood, plexiglass, but also all kinds of unusual elements. Françoise puts a rare determination in her work.

The young artist is heavily involved in research, following different lessons, seminars and encounters with various masters, working with all suggested materials; her expressive language can best be seen in her direct incisions carried out both with points and pyrography. The dry points and the experimental xylography are strong, the meaty markings find a complete, almost panoramic range of earthy tones, from golden ochre to the darkest browns, in Françoise’s palette. The “smashed” blanks on the sheet, real openings guide one back inside, to the bottom of Françoise’s interior world. It is no accident that the works are called Equlibrium, Dimension etc. The subtle Van Dyck purple-browns underline the spiritual dimension of the work. Her works are offered, therefore, as true landscapes of the soul.

Nicola Sene