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Françoise Calcagno’s works are born like off-shoots of a primary source, a dark, shapeless stain that manifests itself authoritatively on the canvas or the board, of vague outlines, bathed in a pale halo that highlights it in all its force. It is a meeting place between the artist’s action and nature, it is the time that witnesses the exchange of matter.

With old organic materials, such as wood, seeds, bone, or sand and objects like gauze and pieces of iron, Françoise Calcagno sets forth a relief that appears to be the concretization not of a thought-of form, but of thought itself, its rhythms of progress and reflection in the curve and the grooves of the wood, its hardness in the iron, its ambiguity in the gauze and sand, the very impetus with which it forms in the human mind and demands immediate satisfaction.

Elisa Capitanio December 2004