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I will explain my painting, in order to clarify the reasoning behind my work. My painting is about the traces that time leaves, transforming things and people, and operating more relentlessly and rapidly than our minds and vision are able to perceive.

I chase time which is unthinking, and which doesn’t pause, and in this urgency to act rather than to think I feel the need to muster quickly in order not to waste time, to possess it and use it, leaving its marks, traces and colours, in a sort of postponed representation of reality. My work is infused with this continuous flux, like so many moments in time, fragments passing quickly and changing, because that is what experience, marks, meanings and relations do, and not everything can be made to appear in a single form.

To do this I use different supports and materials, and sometimes collected objects like pieces of wood, shells and glass. Objects and materials are not chosen for their shape, but are meaningful because of their internal strength. And this is another element which characterizes my work: strength. Strength is in matter, in the elements that it is made of, in the infinitesimal, not in the apparent stability of it but in its ability to vibrate, move and change. My hands have a way of moving while I work, scratching the surfaces, mixing materials and colours, and my movements are quick, impulsive and strong. I am interested in using time, in acting out my strength, my quick movements and my time, on the support in front of me, with whatever is available: objects, materials, colours, instruments.

What appears at the end are traces, marks gone over several times, uncertain or determined evidence, and masses of colour: crystalized instants of time, where strength of movement is visible.

Françoise Calcagno, Aprile 2004