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Urban Paths Paintings by Françoise Calcagno From 26 May to 9 June 2007, as part of the Urban Pathways project, which was conceived in 2005 by Lorenzo Urbani, a series of paintings by Françoise Calcagno will be on exhibition. The artist will present small pictures from her Marco Polo series;

monochrome canvasses and cardboards in which sand or volcanic earth have been mixed into the colour, giving greater vibrancy and consistency, tiny Artist’s Maps and the series of wood and glass works. Both cycles are stages through which Françoise Calcagno has passed, in the course of her ongoing study of colour and time; just as Marco Polo discovered a ‘new world’ on his travels, Françoise too, via her personal use of a given chromatic tone, the protagonist of her works, finds new solutions to triumph in her challenge; to represent time, to freeze memory, fixing, even with all its changeability and indeterminacy, one instant to render it universal.

Paintings by Françoise Calcagno