Reviews » 2005 Before the realizazion

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Before the realization of any artistic idea, come the experiment, the attempt, the aim, the mistake, the thought and the action.

I work as the children do when they play, following the principles of pleasure and necessity: the pleasure of creating, touching and seeing, the necessity of tranforming and destroying. Everything can be used, from any different materials and supports, to determine the work process and its final output. But overall, casualty is the inspiring influencer, dictating the use of unplanned objects and troven materials. How much in life is determined by a conscious choice and how much from the instance of a moment? And how much are the events influencing our choice despite of our influence on them?

Casualty originates the necessity and the decision to build up a path to the desired objective and both will change and evolve to meet the challenges of new ideas before reaching the end.

Everything has a meaning, maybe nothing has, anyway it is not always possible to capture it. The substance, the traces, the shapes, the colours talk, they express different feelings, they tell about the past, the journeys, the mutation, the future.

Fran├žoise Calcagno